Session Pricing and Info - KatieLittlePhotography

I. Love. Photos.

I'm assuming that since you're here, looking up photography sessions, doing the research, you  love photos also. 

And you may even like the ones I take the best. (This is pretty cool to me.)

Because I love photography; because I love taking photos; because I want everyone to have sweet, fleeting moments with their loved ones hanging on their walls and on their coffee tables in beautifully bound books; because of all of these things, I try to price my sessions and prints reasonably. 

I want you to get what you love, and I want to get to do what I love. 

And I want there to be lots of love.

Sessions with me start at $100, and prints start at $25. Be prepared to spend $400-$600 total, and to get priceless works of art to hang up everywhere.

I want you to get a product that you will treasure...and let's be honest: we will spend money on what we treasure. 

If our flat screen tv were to get smashed by one of our rambunctious kiddos, you had better believe my husband would be walking down the aisles of Best Buy within 24 hours. 

I want every moment with my family on my walls far more than I want that tv up there.

Thank you for trusting me with your time, and those you love.